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Summary07436: Conditions for subquestions
DescriptionSometimes when there is an array question containing an n-point scale with multiple subquestions, some of the subquestions need to be filtered out (e.g. if it is a scale of satisfaction with health, family, friends and job, if the respondent does not have a job then the "satisfaction with job" subquestion should not appear).
There is currently the option of "array filter" to synchronize a multiple answer type question with an array, but sometimes that is not enough, especially when only a few subquestions actually need filtering (e.g. in the previous example, there is no point to ask if the respondent has a family, friends or health, but it is necessary to ask if he/she has a job).
Therefore, it would be useful to include in the "conditions" tab the possibility of applying conditions not only to questions, but to subquestions.
Additional InformationA possible solution: apply the same rationale used to filter questions to filtering subquestions
I am not a programmer so I am not sure how to implement this, but if conditioning can be applied to questions, than why not to subquestions?


duplicate of 08757 closedmfaber Development  Support sub-question level relevance 
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