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Summary07413: Survey Invitation & Reward Feature
DescriptionI have tried many survey systems, but I didn't find any survey system with LimeSurvey powerful features is social media oriented.

What I mean is we need to leverage the user base from Facebook, Twitter, Gtalk, MSN, Yahoo or any other instant messengers or SNS.

For example, I have to conduct an academic or business research, it's easy to build up survey with the powerful LimeSurvey, but it's hard for me to distribute the survey to my friendlist on Facebook, Twitter, Gtalk, etc.

Therefore, if we have the invitation feature, and it would be easy for me to send an invitation to my friends on my friend list.

Since my friend take part in my survey, I do hope there is a reward feature to give them a certain market place points that they can use to exchange cash or coupon or voucher, so as to encourage their contributions.

And also it would be better if the reward feature has question level marketplace points and survey level market place points. For example, some questions worth 5 points, but some questions worth 30 points, or I can set the whole survey worth 300 points no matter how many questions in the survey.

If we have survey invitation and reward feature, then the survey system could be more social media oriented, it would attract many academic or business institutions to set up survey, invite friend from their friend list on SNS or IM, and reward contributors with marketplace points (such as eBay bucks) and get the survey results.

Looking forward for your reply!
Additional InformationA possible solution: Leverage the existing user base from SNS or IM or Portal.
1. Microsoft has build up live services to share MSN/Hotmail user base REST API -

2. OpenID Widget -

3. Google Friend Connect Widget-

4. Open Social API -

5. The invitation flow can refer to

It would be great if you can add my MSN or Skype to your friend list, so that we can chat online for more discussion!

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