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07409Feature requestsSurvey editingpublic2015-08-21 17:11
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Summary07409: "Others" Answer Options in Arrays...
DescriptionIn an Array, like in the multiple choice question, is of vital interest to have the possibility of others answer options further the fixed answer options...
So can the person that give the answer:
1) insert free text in the option "other"
2) give an evaluation based on the defined label set
Additional InformationA possible solution: Insert the option "Other" in the Array-Question Types...
I dont' know but if there is this possibility in Multiple Choice, why not in Arrays?
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2013-06-18 09:06

developer   ~25578

Think it's for a new question type or attribute in 2.1/2.2 version (not included in core but in a plugin)


2014-04-23 12:13


matrixWithOTher.jpg (23,561 bytes)   
matrixWithOTher.jpg (23,561 bytes)   

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