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Summary07407: Test and Comment Modus

During the development of the survey and in the pretest phase you often need to test certain parts and need to get feedback from certain stakeholders of a survey.

To get to certain parts of the survey it would be good to be able to skip conditions and validation rules and skip back and forth through the survey.

It would be nice if comments could be placed on the questionspage instead of collecting them via phonecalls and emails.

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A possible solution: Test and Comment buttons
If you activate the test and comment mode a few buttons will be displayed when taking the survey.

A skip back and a skip forth button which allow quick flipping through the pages without filling out the forms, validations rules and conditions.

A comment button allow opening of a small window which saves the text into the database. Comments can be aggreated and will be shown under the correct question/page.

The comment function is available with or without the test buttons. It can also be used as a simple way to allow translation of questionnaire through third parties.

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2018-01-23 13:44

reporter   ~45962

I second this. Especially with long surveys it is a pain to have to test from start to end (of course in some cases there is no other way, because of conditions or expressions, but this is another topic).

I would like to add the option to prevent randomization of answer options. Especially in long lists it can cost you a lot of time to check wether all items are there or not. For first checks, it is important to see if all items are there. Later you can check (fairly easy - usually you see it after the first 2 items in the list) if they are randomized.



2022-05-05 08:34

partner   ~69415

Very good. but then: not only on question level, but also on group and survey level...



2022-09-14 15:15

reporter   ~71746


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