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Summary07394: Abrupt ending or Closing the Survey

Every now and then we find incomplete surveys.
The user might get bored in the middle (happens usually for long surveys) and/or close his browser window (can be sometimes unexpectedly ) which results in incomplete survey.

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A possible solution: Option to email the link
Whenever the user closes the browser in the middle of the survey, a confirmation screen should pop out asking him to enter his email so that he can continue answering that particular survey at a later stage if he wish to.
A link to that particular session should be mailed to the user

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2010-03-21 08:05


Alternative solution: Important Questions
once the user gets bored and decides to switch off the survey we can cut the survey to the most important questions. The user will be informed that the survey has been cut to a few important questions, so he/she are requested to complete the survey.



2013-05-24 19:37

developer   ~25364

Never force user to do something !!
We can not include some javascript like this in LimeSurvey core ! (and can be done in template)

XXX website doing this : a popup : "Do you really want to quit !"

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