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Summary07377: MaxDiff / Best Worst Scaling question type / functionality
DescriptionQuestion type similar to a DualScale question type.

Difference is that you that you are not allowed to choose the same item on both scales.

Simple example would be : First scale "most important", second scale "least important". Now you show different items to choose from. With a dual scale question type it would be possible to choose the same item as "most important" AND "least important" which wouldn't allow to apply the MaxDiff method.

Additional InformationA possible solution: Translation of french workaround script into english as a start.
Can somebody with french language skills take a look at the attached script and translate the comments into english? It would be a big step towards a broader adaption of maxdiff inside of limesurvey.


Post with attached workaround script:
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2010-01-03 13:59

developer   ~24322

Alternative solution: Small modification of 'Array (flexible labels) by column' questions
MaxDiff question is in fact a specific version of Array (flexible labels) by column:
* answers are "Makes me Most want to reenlist" and "Makes me Least want to reenlist"
* Labels are "Time off each week allowed for on-line college coursework", "Receive in-person personal counseling services", ...

Now for the new things (switchable by a question attribute):
* a new layout: display answers between the two columns
* a small javascript that prevents using the "Next/Commit" button if the same "Label" is used for the two "Answers"



2011-03-09 14:49

partner   ~24323

A Workaround with Javascript is available here.

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