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07369Feature requestsImport/Exportpublic2009-11-17 17:12
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Summary07369: Customizable Export Pages
DescriptionI believe the user should be able to customize the exported data layout, inc adding their own images/text to the template.

I dont believe the current exported template caters for many people or a wide variety of survey types.

I would personally like to be able to export templates for Word, PDF and Excel last (Excel less important in my eyes).

The editable templates should include both data results and graphs view.
Additional InformationA possible solution: Editable Template in the template manager
As above, this tempalte should be editable in the template manager.

Unfortunatly, im not a coder and cannot offer and constructive advice.
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2009-11-17 17:14

reporter   ~24319

I forgot to mention, I think you should have the ability to add fields such as 'Full Name' and Token Attributes to the exported data.

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