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07364Feature requestsAuthenticationpublic2009-11-09 16:38
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Summary07364: Improve User Identification at Login and Comfort
Description* Are password logins sure and deliver reliable user authentication?
* Is the one who does the login, the one he/she pretend to be?
* Are web statistics or survey results as reliable as they should be, if user is not identified according to his passport or to his identity card?
* Is it comfortable to login each time by password, as I have many of them for many web sites?
Additional InformationA possible solution: X.509 Certificate Login with openID support
* Develop necessary script / module / software, so on top of password login is cert login with openID as well available.
* Maybe look at other web applications (wordpress, drupal, etc.) how they have realized it
* Or look at:
* I admit, I am a Community Member, so you say, I have a conflict of interests. ;-)
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