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Summary07361: To let respondents skip not mandatory questions
DescriptionI am experiencing the same issue with twodifferent kinds of question:
1) I have set up a multiple numerical input question so that the people who decide to answer must distribute 100 points (%) into a few categories (equals_num_value = 100). This question is set up as not mandatory. However when one decides to skip it and go on, a warning saying that the question must be properly answered appears. In this way it is not possible to go on without answering this question, which is what I don't want. I would like people to be free to answer or not this question. Those who decide to answer must answer properly, that is they must distribute 100 points into given categories;
2) the same thing happens in a ranking question. The question is not mandatory: so the people who decide to answer must rank all the listed categories (7), while those who decide to skip it must have the chance to go on without answering.
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2009-11-06 16:47

partner   ~24314

Alternative solution: Make question attribute code and mandatory check work together more smoothly
I suggest to take a look at the question attribute code of "max/min_answers". If the question is not mandatory there should be no check if the question was filled out according to the attributes set.
If the question is mandatory the user has to answer the question correctly according to the values set for max/min_answers.


2012-06-08 17:23

reporter   ~24315

This is available via the value_range_allows_missing option documented here://

and is available starting in version 1.92

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