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07356Feature requestsConditionspublic2009-10-23 16:24
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Summary07356: Improve general handling of mandatory questions at a survey
DescriptionWhen creating / testing / editing a survey mandatory question are really annoying. I can think of these situations where making questions of a survey (temporary) non mandatory will be a great improvement:

1. (Developer) Testing possible bugs
When importing a survey for testing mandatory question can drive you nuts.

2. (User) Previewing a survey which is in development
You just want to take a look at the questions and survey design, having to answer all mandatory questions is a mess.
Additional InformationA possible solution: Disable mandatory check under certain conditions
Solution for 1.
A) If $debug is set to "2"/"3" don't execute the mandatory check.
B) New config setting "$ignore_mandatory", if set to "1" don't execute the mandatory check.

Solution for 2.
A) Create a "All questions are mandatory?" -> yes/no option at survey settings
B) Create an overview which lists all questions and a simple "mandatory yes/no" radio option. This way you can set up your survey without making question mandatory from the beginning at chose which questions should be mandatory at a later step.
This overview can be survey or group based.
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2010-03-25 23:11

reporter   ~24313

There is a non-programming sollution:

If you use the Web Developer Toolbar ( for Mozilla Firefox ( for testing surveys, it has a "Populate form fields" function under the "Forms" menu item. I use this to get around the annoyance of mandatory questions. This may not work for questions with specific validation but it will work in most situations) Sadly there's no equivalent for Internet Explorer.

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