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07352Feature requestsSurvey participants (Tokens)public2009-10-14 22:15
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Summary07352: Prepopulate answers AND add a route multiple surveys to one email option
DescriptionTwo problems here:


I know you can prepopulate answers for token based persistance by adding the "&" the question string "=" the answer code. However:

A) You cant do this for 25+ prefilled answers, for one the url is way too long, and secondly, LS doesnt support it

B) You can only do this for token based surveys, not open ones


If you send multiple tokens to the same email address, it creates a cookie once the person completes one survey, if they try to open another while they have ANY browsers open, it catches that cookie, marks the second token as complete and will not allow the person emailed to complete the survey, not only that but it leaves all answers blank for the second survey. Then I have to tell the person to close their browesers and I have to reopen the token.
Additional InformationA possible solution: Allow for prepoulation of answers when building survey & add a drop down
For the first problem, please add an option for each question while building the survey for the builder to prepopulate an answer.

For the second one, please create a cookie that is token specific rather than only a browser specific cookie. Then add a drop down so that we can choose which one we want set for that survey.

Thank you again.
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