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Summary07351: Open Answertable up so that we can alter formatting
DescriptionIn addition to plenty of other uses, we utilize this software to implement all of our annual evaluations (we are nonprofit). It works very well, however, the formatting on the print answers screen is not suitable for presentation to the employee. We would love for the managers in our organization to be able to printh the answers on the fly and sit down with the employee. Currently however, this is not an option.

At current, we have the managers submit each evaluation. Then we have encoded LS so that it routes a text file of the token to a server which then processes that token in a Crystal Report (the CR build was painstaking as LS's DBO is not condusive to pull answers (which are encoded as a string of the Sid,Gid,and Qid) with the questions and label sets. Not only is this workaround inefficient, but it's convoluted and labor intensive (still better than anything else out there, especially for the price!) .
Additional InformationA possible solution: Open up Answertable!
There are two solutions I can think of:

1. Build Answertable so that we can change the formatting in an editor, allow us to include all labelsets with the question and indicate which one is selected. Allow for dop and drag placement

2. You guys already have a BEAUTIFUL printable version of the survey as an option, but you have to print it out and then write in the answers by hand, can you somehow merge the answertable with this printable version?
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