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07350Feature requestsImport/Exportpublic2009-10-14 21:32
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Summary07350: Survey Editor and the capacity to change multiple questions at the same time
DescriptionCould you have a survey editor, much like you have a template editor?

I find it impossible to alter question/label set sizes and the placement on the survey (Left or right, top corner, etc, not question order)

Also, Could we edit multiple questions at the same time without exporting to excel first?
Additional InformationA possible solution: Create a survey editor, preferably drag n' drop, and a multiple question editor
Could you have a survey editor, much like you have a template editor, that allows you to:

- Alter each invidual question's placement on the survey
- Alter the size that each Lable set's data option takes up on the page (Bad example, but let's say I have a 1 through 10 custom array, where the first 9 options are the numbers 1-9 and the 10th is a 50 char paragraph)

In additon to that, it would also be nice to have a multiple question editor:

-where you could select all or multiple questions on the survey at the same time and be able to change their lable set, their font, their lable answers, whatever else one would want.
-where you can change multiple questions on the fly without having to go into each individual question, similar to what it would look like if you went into mysql and changed it (not recommended!).

I have some surveys that are over 500 questions long, with multiple conditional questions. So what I have been doing in these cases is export to excel, alter the survey there (I have built a .csv builder that concatenates all of the necessary criteria from excel to a very long string if anyone is interested) and then upload back into LS, it is time consuming, but much less than altering each question individually on the front end.

PS. You guys are awesome! I hope this takes off like mint did!
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2012-06-08 17:08

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Alternative solution: Use the Excel import/export feature
There is a new Excel import/export feature that makes this easy. It is documented here -

This is available starting in 1.92 (via a patch), and 2.0

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