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Summary07340: Advanced reporting for assessments

For assessments we need statistics about howmany people passed the assessment. (like an exam)
For auditing purposes we need reports how many points are scored per group as percentage of the total possible points. If possible shown in a spiderweb graph, where each group equals one line of the web.

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A possible solution: Integrate opensource reporting
Maybe there is allready an opensource reporting project, which can be adjusted and integrated in Limesurvey.

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2010-10-26 12:29

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I for one would really like a "you scored" xx point and the option to e.g. print a histogram chart with xx point plottet.

Currently I have to fine grain the assesments into groups: you scored something between xx1 and xx2.


2011-04-06 08:54


Alternative solution: BIRT or JasperReport
As with Solution 1, I would like to propose either BIRT or Jasper Reports - I've used both recently in my PHP projects, and they bring a world of a difference to reporting - taking the design aspects and business logic out of the application and moving them to the reporting layer. Also, the various exports are handled as well


2013-07-19 17:47


the enhanced assessment function should also use the EM.

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