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19446Feature requestsUser / Groups / Rolespublic2024-05-05 08:40
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Summary19446: Allow superadministrator to log in as other users

When testing a system for access it would be extremely helpful when you can

  1. add users (possible)
  2. define roles (possible)
  3. assign these roles to users (possible)
  4. define user groups (possible)
  5. assign user to groups (possible)
    and then test how this works without having to log out/in every time.

I want to test the workings of roles, user groups and survey groups and having to login is cumbersome.

Also for troubleshooting it would be great to have the possibility as superadministrator or as a specially assigned user to be able to login as other users, without the need of knowing their passwords.

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2024-03-08 11:24

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In Drupal this is called Masquerade:

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