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19445Bug reportsUser / Groups / Rolespublic2024-02-27 11:16
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Summary19445: Add user to user group does not give permission to earlier permitted surveys

Adding a new user to a user group does not give access to the surveys the user group was given access to.

Steps To Reproduce

Login as admin (user1)
Create user group1
Add a user (user2)
Create a survey (survey1) and give permissions to user group1
Create new user (user3)
Add new user to group1

Expected to see: user2 and user 3 have permissions to survey1, but only user to has the earlier defined permissions.

As it is now: the concept of user groups is merely a way of bundling users at that time, it is not dynamic.

Not sure if it is a bug or a feature request, but the concept of user roles could be better.

I would expect to give permissions to individual users via the "Add user" dialog and to assign Dynamic users groups via the "Add group users" dialog

That way you can easily revoke access when deleting User groups from the permission table per survey and you can Add/Delete new users to surveys much easier.

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)6.1.4
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PHP Version8.0

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2024-02-26 21:57

developer   ~79649

The system as it is now seems to base itself on a non-dynamic organisation of users. In reality organisations that use LimeSurvey are dynamic.



2024-02-26 22:34

developer   ~79650

The same comments count for adding user groups to survey groups: when adding users to a user group these new users do not have automatically access to the surveys in the survey group.



2024-02-26 22:40

developer   ~79651

After adding a new user to a usergroup and logging in as that user, this user can see that there are survey groups (the survey group his user group has been given access to), but (s)he sees a 403 error.

403-Forbidden.png (18,321 bytes)   
403-Forbidden.png (18,321 bytes)   


2024-02-26 22:42

developer   ~79652

Last edited: 2024-02-26 22:43

This means that when your organisation employs new survey administrators, the whole concept of user groups and survey groups is actually worthless, the new survey administrator has to be given access/permissions on survey level.

Great start, but not there yet... ;-)

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