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19410Bug reportsFile managerpublic2024-02-13 16:36
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Product Version6.4.x 
Summary19410: Resources page is sometimes not loading
  1. Environment
    a) Live, chrome, same network as the day before, when it was working
  2. Go to Survey > Settings > Resources
    a) Sometime page freezes with initial call
    b) Sometime when choosing image folder
    c) Sometimes when reloading the page
  3. Probably caused by some images that are not loading, but unclear why they are not loading sometimes.
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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)6.4.5+240205
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2024-02-12 11:11

administrator   ~79449

@gabrieljenik @DenisChenu who can take this one?



2024-02-12 13:36

manager   ~79450

Hi Tibor,

We probably need more data about the situation where is not loading.
Ex: Does this happen on local installations ot Community Versions?

In the cloud logs, is there anyhting related to those images?
Any error on the console?



2024-02-12 14:31

administrator   ~79452

It happend on a cloud instance as you can see from the screenshots. I couldn't reproduce this, but Patrick confirmed that this is happening.
Someone needs to research why this could happen, is it maybe format of images or something else.



2024-02-12 15:19

manager   ~79457

I would suggest to have this reviewed by some with access to the cloud logs, as a starting point



2024-02-13 16:07

developer   ~79475

I would suggest to have this reviewed by some with access to the cloud logs, as a starting point


It's really the situation i use server log, manually add Yii::log , or tracevar etc …

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