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19242Bug reportsImport/Exportpublic2023-11-16 11:45
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Product Version5.6.x 
Summary19242: Unable to connect to KCFinder

Hi there,

I am having trouble uploading images. If I use the sources zip file upload I get the following error: This ZIP archive contains no valid resources files. Import failed.

I also get a notification that LimeSurvey is unable to connect to KCFinder.

Could someone help me out? I am a first time user of LimeSurvey.


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Bug heat4
Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)Version 5.6.3+230130
I will donate to the project if issue is resolvedNo
Database type & versionI don't know.
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PHP VersionI don't know.

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2023-11-16 11:20

developer   ~78499

Size of the zip file ?



2023-11-16 11:45

reporter   ~78500

Hello, the zipfile contains 1 image.

Letter (152,507 bytes)

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