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18899Bug reportsUsability/user experiencepublic2024-03-08 10:12
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Product Version5.6.x 
Summary18899: Question Index not scrollable

When browsing a survey in preview mode or after launch, one can not scroll down the question index when it exceeds the screen.
In the example-picture, the survey does not end with the group "VBI09". But it is impossble to reach for example the group "VBI11".

The solution could be a scrollbar for the index.


Steps To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce

-create survey with a lot of question groups
-preview or launch survey
-if you have so many groups that the question index exceeds the screen, you can not navigate to the lower question groups.

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)LimeSurvey Cloud Version 5.6.25
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2024-02-26 16:21

reporter   ~79646

"Balztry1" reportet this bug before I did on 2019-08-13.
ID: 15157



2024-03-08 10:12

reporter   ~79765

I've faced the same challenge when previewing or launching surveys with extensive question groups. A scrollbar for the question index would indeed make navigation much smoother. This enhancement would be highly appreciated for better usability.

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