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18863Bug reportsSurvey takingpublic2023-09-02 19:54
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Product Version5.6.x 
Summary18863: Wrong success message for "Save and resume" email which actually does not get sent

When using an invalid SMTP configuration you may get an error like this when trying to invite participants and have the "Debug on errors" setting enabled:
"Password command failed: 535 5.7.139 Authentication unsuccessful, the user credentials were incorrect."

But when using the "Save and resume" featur with the same SMTP email settings, you get a success message when saving the partial data set. BUT no email gets sent due to the invalid settings.

Steps To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce

  1. Configure SMTP with a wrong password.
  2. Use the "Save and resume" feature and enter an email there.

Expected result

Get a warning about the email not being sent.

Actual result

You see a success message. That might be correct for the data set being saved successfully BUT we need to show a warning if no email could be sent.

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Bug heat4
Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)5.6.23+230524
I will donate to the project if issue is resolvedNo
Database type & versionMariaDB 10.1.48
Server OS (if known)
Webserver software & version (if known)
PHP Version8.0

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2023-06-08 13:50

updater   ~75474

@ollehar, what's your opinion on this? Can you assign the ticket?



2023-08-31 18:34

manager   ~76824

Does this only happen when using "Save and resume"?
When you use "save" instead of "Save and resume", what toast message do you see?



2023-09-01 09:54

updater   ~76838

@gabrieljenik, what's the difference between "save" and "Save and resume"? Where to find the "Save" option?



2023-09-01 14:28

manager   ~76843

Sorry, got lost. What screen are you talking about?
Can you add a screenshot?



2023-09-02 19:54

updater   ~76857

I was talkimng about the "Save and resume later" feature available for open surveys.

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