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18497Feature requests_ Unknownpublic2022-11-18 11:54
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Summary18497: In the public index page lists show expiration date and link to public statistics page
Description shows one active survey. The survey has as setting (under Presentation): Public statistic: YES, (under Publication and Access): Link survey on public index page: YES, Expiry end date/time: 01.12.2022 17:50 .

When a survey is linked on the public index page, the survey has expiry date and public statistics, the public index page shall mention the expiry date and the public statistics URL.

Under “Text elements” the Description can manually include the expiry date/time and link to the public statistics page. I think it will be better, if LimeSurvey includes automatically there both information (expiry date/time and public statistics page).

I use limesurvey5.4.11+221114.

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