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Summary18483: Changable default behaviour for mandatory questions

As noted in forum post #233787.

I would like to propose a feature to be able to change the default behaviour specifically for mandatory questions, although this may also be useful for other settings.

I feel this could be set in one of two areas and either would work well depending on LS view.

GUI - Within the Configuration > General Survey
Or (and this is probably more sensible IMHO)
In config-defaults.php (so we can add it to config.php if we want to.)

ie: 'mandatoryquestionsdefault' => 'N' // Y=Yes, S=Soft, N=No

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2023-02-03 14:55

administrator   ~73654

Last edited: 2023-02-03 14:55

Hmm shouldn't question attribute defaults be part of survey group config?

If a config requires hacking into a PHP file, the number of users who can use it is way lower.



2023-02-03 14:56

administrator   ~73655

Also note the new column "Users affected %". If it's under 80%, we probably won't touch it this year.



2023-02-03 15:34

reporter   ~73656

I agree with you, hence why i highlighted both options. But I do feel its a system-wide setting by an administrator rather than a setting on a survey-by-survey basis.
Not sure about affected users would be - as its a "choice" of how to setup survey creation. Potentially then it would be all users.
But TBH, I amend in the PHP each time an update comes out that re-writes but my use case does require 95% of questions to be mandatory.
Hope this feature gets traction




2023-02-03 16:42

administrator   ~73657

Affected users = how many users could benefit from this feature approximately?

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