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Summary18372: Slider, hide value

Once again I was asked to make a slider with numerical values hidden. I think it is more common to have slider without exact numbers -- if exact numbers are wanted, why use slider at all? Anyways, the user had found which does not work in LS 5.x. Still, there is another workaround, but maybe it will broke in LS 6.x.

So, could we have a setting for hiding numerical values?

Also, it seems illogical that there is a setting for hiding min and max values. Maybe it could even hide all three at the same time?

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2022-09-27 09:58

partner   ~71965

Allow to show/hide the value of the slider handle is fine. But I recommend to not combine that with showing/hiding the labels min/max.
The slider question could get some love.

Get some inspiration by this



2022-09-27 11:33

reporter   ~71967

The slider question could get some love.


I think that a slider can be seen as semantically two different types. First has quite limited scale, for example 1-5, and it is more like another way to show a question that could be row of radiobuttons. But the another has large scale like 0-1000, and it is meant to "force" participant to give answers without shown scale.

Would be nice to see same question asked in both radiobutton row and in slider and compare results.

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