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18310Bug reportsSurvey editingpublic2022-09-07 07:16
ReporterJmantysalo Assigned Togabrieljenik  
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Product Version5.3.x 
Summary18310: Inconsistent GUI: Sort alphabetically vs. random order

Radiobutton-type question has setting "Sort answers alphabetically" with switch On/Off and choise "Random order" with possible values "Yes" and "No". It seems illogical.

Harder question: would it be good if these would be one three-value setting, as one can not have both random order and alphabetic order in the same time? I'm not sure if it would work or not.

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2022-08-15 18:54

partner   ~71440

Last edited: 2022-08-15 19:00

As my comment in the forum -

A 3-way "Answer order" setting with values "Normal", "Random" and "Alphabetic" would be optimum but at the very least it should be indicated that the current settings are exclusive and which takes precedence (seems that random order has precedence).



2022-09-06 11:29

reporter   ~71606

Our usability specialist also said that this should be a three-valued setting.



2022-09-06 15:24

developer   ~71608

Agree and support changing this!



2022-09-06 15:38

manager   ~71609

Just to double check, which screen are you refrring to?

Options would be:

  • Normal = Alph OFF + Rand OFF
  • Alphabetcially = Alph ON + Rand OFF
  • Random = Alph OFF + Rand ON




2022-09-06 19:11

partner   ~71616

@gabrieljenik, it is the list-radio type question but may apply to other types as well.

So, combining "Sort answers alphabetically" (alphasort) and "Random order" (random_order).

Yes, your options are correct.

capture-2.png (40,679 bytes)   
capture-2.png (40,679 bytes)   


2022-09-07 07:16

reporter   ~71622

gabrieljenik, that is just what I mean.

(In general we should think how to handle setting combinations that are not meaningfull, but that's another story.)

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