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18187Bug reportsResponse browsingpublic2023-08-31 19:06
ReporterDenisChenu Assigned To 
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Product Version3.28.x 
Summary18187: No alert shown if there are issue in database

When some question didn't have columln related : no error is shown when

  1. respondent answer
  2. admin browse response
  3. admin export response
Steps To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce

  1. Import included survey (LSA)
  2. Got to hack the database : remove the 2 last columns (SQ01 and SQ02)
  3. Launch survey,
  4. Check the 2 subquestion
  5. Move next/submit
  6. As admin : browse reponse
  7. As admin export response

Expected result

At 5 : an email sent to admin user, maybe error shown to user ?
at 6 : error shown as admin (flash message or not) inside browse response screen
at 7 : error shown as admin (flash message or not) inside browse response screen

Actual result

No error : all is good.

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Bug heat4
Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)3.28.14 + 5.3.19
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2022-06-09 18:14

manager   ~70319

Is this blocking?



2022-06-09 18:15

developer   ~70320

5.X have same issue ,
Only stat show error (500 error)

500 : Erreur interne au serveur
La propriété « Response_618224.618224X900X7852SQ001 » est indéfinie.



2022-06-09 18:16

developer   ~70321

Is this blocking?

Clearly … have the information about a broken survey data 5 month after is totally blocking !
With 2.6 and 2.50 : you get the email at minimum : you know there are an issue.



2022-06-09 18:18

developer   ~70322

partial_block because it does not happen to everybody ?



2022-06-09 18:29

manager   ~70324

I am not saying is not important. Seems like it is.
I am saying it doesn't sound like an issue with "blocking" category.

I believe we could implement an email notification in case of 500 erros (and others).
Yii don't have something about it?
Isn't that a logging type?

partial_block seems OK.
Priority: Important



2022-06-09 18:36

developer   ~70325

I believe we could implement an email notification in case of 500 erros (and others).

It's not a 500 error here …

in 2.6 : if such error happen : admin user receive an email,
Not in 3.X and 5.X didn't happen

It's not related to Yii error or anything else …

And about show warning in browse it's really a think to do : "Your database seems to have an issue, some question didn't have related columns" or somthink like that.

We surely use an empty() but must use an isset ?



2023-08-31 19:06

manager   ~76830

Maybe we should add here

Something like this (which is used already on the code)

                    LimeExpressionManager::addFrontendFlashMessage('error', $message, $this->sid);

I would add it to DEV as to have more testing time.

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