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17673Bug reportsSurvey takingpublic2021-11-05 10:18
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Summary17673: Public statistics opens in same window, cutting off other possibilities
DescriptionAt the end of my survey I have several options for the respondent:
* show public statistics
* print your answers
* go to end URL
They all open in the same window. So when you ask for the public statistics, you cannot go back and ask for a print of your answers and vice versa.

Please make these "show public statistics" and "print your answers" open in a new window. I am not sure about the end URL, I guess the user will understand that she goes to another website then. But I would not mind opening that end-URL in a new window also.
Steps To ReproduceSteps to reproduce
Set up survey to show possibility for public statistics + print your answers + end-URL

Expected result
Each link opens a new window

Actual result
Each link opens in same window, thereby making other choices impossible

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)5.1.15+211011
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PHP Version7.4

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2021-10-21 13:38


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2021-10-21 14:37

developer   ~66890

> Please make these "show public statistics" and "print your answers" open in a new window.

No please … ;)

Else : Survey theme issue : the link can not be easily updated ?


2021-10-21 14:49

developer   ~66891

No, these links cannot be influenced from the back end as far as I know.

The might be changed from the theme, but then they will act the same for all surveys based on the theme.


2021-10-21 16:00

developer   ~66892

It's what i mean : it's a survey theme issue.

And you can set in your own theme


2021-11-04 20:32

developer   ~67121

Still I do not agree with you Denis. In the current default solution we can offer both: (1) print your answers and (2) public statistics. But each user can only choose one of these, because after choosing he cannot ever get back to the end page. I think that is a usability issue.


2021-11-05 08:26

developer   ~67123

I don't understand : it still a SurveyTheme issue adding a target="_blank" is easy

But , in my opinion : need to check if a theme can add Statistic button in Print answer view and Print answer button in Statistci view.
- : allow to check if print view is enable and user have a session
- : allow to check if statistic is enable.


2021-11-05 08:31

developer   ~67124

This is the case using the standard themes. We cannot expect the users to change the standard themes for this issue. Out of the box the themes should work.

There are already multiple issues that I have solved in my own theme, but each change that I make gives me the obligation to check after each update if the view that I have overidden has not been changed whereby I miss something new.


2021-11-05 10:18

developer   ~67128

My answer :

> Public statistics opens in same window
No, please : because it's really not a good way for usuability

But have a way to come from statistics in print view and reverse seems a good idea.

Then : check if it's possible in SurveyTheme : if not ;: it's a BUG
If currently Yes : it's a (really good) feature for Vanilla theme.

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