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17652Bug reportsOtherpublic2021-10-11 10:25
Reporterxyzabc Assigned Toollehar  
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Product Version5.x 
Summary17652: Bug "Reset" not possible

I would like to reset the "survey list" in order to fix another bug (question list does not work - therefore, I cannot add any new question groups or delete some) - but this does not work, too. The page seems to be loading when I click on "reset" but then nothing happens.

How can I fix this bug / when can it be fixed?

Thanks in advance!
Steps To ReproduceSteps to reproduce
Click on "survey" list > click on button "reset"

Expected result
That all suveys are resetted

Actual result
nothing happens

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Bug heat4
Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)Version 5.1.13+210923
I will donate to the project if issue is resolvedNo
BrowserAll browsers
Database type & versionSorry, but I don't know the DB-Version
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PHP VersionSorry, but I don't know the PHP Version

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2021-10-06 15:02


Bug Reset Button.JPG (122,506 bytes)


2021-10-06 15:33

administrator   ~66777

Can you update to 5.1.14 please?


2021-10-11 10:25

reporter   ~66820

Hello ollehar,

thank you for your quick reply.

LimeSurvey is updated to Version 5.1.14+210927. However, I still cannot "reset" the survey list (nothing happens) and therefore the bug with the question list is still not solved.

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