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17648Bug reportsOtherpublic2022-01-06 15:46
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Product Version5.x 
Summary17648: Email received by participant is empty (LDAP)
DescriptionBy sending a grouping mail or onmy individual mail, mail received by participants is empty.

The bug is in the 4.6.3 version and in the 5.1.14 version.

By adding participants with LDAP query -> doesn't work
By adding participants manually and send email manually, it seems to work ...
Steps To ReproduceSteps to reproduce
Survey particpants
Create LDAP query
(select the group you want to add ...)
Generate Tokens
Invitations & reminders
Send email invitation
(Email are sent by participants receive empty message)

Expected result
Tee system has to send the email with the message and the link to answer.

Actual result
Message received by participants (Oject : empty, message : empty)
De : Administrateur <>
Date : lun. 4 oct. 2021 à 18:08
Objet :
À : xxxxxx yyyyyyyy <>

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Bug heat8
Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)5.1.14+210927
I will donate to the project if issue is resolvedNo
Database type & versionMariaDB 10.3.29
Server OS (if known)Debian 10 Buster
Webserver software & version (if known)Apache 2.4.38
PHP Version7.3.29

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2021-10-26 11:06

reporter   ~66931

The bug exist with the 5.1.17+211025 version too.


2021-10-26 12:29

reporter   ~66932

Somebody else had the same problem with 5.1.4+210824 version

The problem sems to come from the LDAP module


2021-12-29 12:02

reporter   ~67873

I have the same problem and confirm that is a ldap import issue.

When importing ldap, it's unable to set the user language in the table...But the lack of this information causes this issue!

The workaround is to set the desired language with the mass user modification option.

Maybe someone has have a solution to get language from the ldap module.

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