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17614Feature requestsCentral participant databasepublic2021-11-02 10:08
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Summary17614: Participants data are not included in the SPSS export
DescriptionParticipants data are not included in the SPSS export. CSV export works though.
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2021-09-23 00:44

developer   ~66597

If you are using the latest community edition of LimeSurvey ( from 5.1.0 ) you can export to an SPSS Sav file directly from the "Export responses" page that can include participant data if required. The "Export to SPSS" menu that exports an SPSS Syntax file along with a data file does not do this.

If you are using the LTS version of LimeSurvey, you can install this plugin to allow SPSS Sav export:


2021-11-02 10:08

administrator   ~67047

Hello @candrea , thanks to @adamzammit for the SPSS sav plugin which makes exporting to SPSS easier. We will not be considering this feature request. Therefore I am closing this issue.

If you feel otherwise, please feel free to re-open it.

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