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17591Feature requestsSurvey editingpublic2021-09-11 17:14
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Summary17591: Question summary: keep "subquestions" icon next to type in all cases
DescriptionIn question summary, when the question foresees subquestions:

in case there are no subquestions, there is a warning with the subquestion icon next to type (see file question-summary-2).

In case there are subquestions present, there is no warning and no icon (see file question-summary-1).

As a recent new user, I was a bit lost and discovered after a while that the option to edit subquestions was in the top menu, at the very end.

It would be more intuitive to keep the icon next to "type"in all cases, so the experience would be more consistent (of course, the warning is not needed in the second case).
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question-summary-1.png (32,883 bytes)   
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question-summary-2.png (41,113 bytes)   

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