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17547Feature requestsUser / Groups / Rolespublic2021-09-08 09:36
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Summary17547: Extended management of permissions assigned to a user group to the survey.
DescriptionThe current solution of assigning user groups to the survey means that if we had individually defined users (own rights) and these users are in a given group, the permissions will be overwritten.

We would like to add a checkbox specifying granting permissions only to new users from the group (it is checked). If unchecked (by default) works as before, it will overwrite everything.

Additionally: there may also be an option that would allow you to remove users that are not in the group. Since it is necessary to do it manually nowadays with dynamically changing numbers of employees, it is problematic in a large organization.
Additional InformationFor example:
we have an "office" group of 5 people, inside 3 people for inputting content and 2 for viewing results.

We assign a group to the survey, assign the same permissions to everyone, and then change for these 2 employees.

3 new employees have joined the "office" group, we want them to have access to survey management. Assigning a group in the current situation will overwrite permissions for everyone, including 2 people who view the results.

The example is illustrative, with many groups of a dozen or so people the topic has become too complicated. The above-mentioned functionality would simplify the management of it all.
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