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17518Feature requestsSurvey participants (Tokens)public2021-12-28 11:53
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Summary17518: Non-ascii characters in email addresses
DescriptionCurrently LS allows for example jori.mä as a participant email, even if ä is not an ASCII character. Theoretically it might work, see In reality it does not.

I suggest either disabling non-ascii characters in participant email, or having a setting for disabling/enabling them.
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2021-08-25 15:18

developer   ~66139

No reason to disable if it's allowed.

Maybe in some country it's used, or in some company .

Who know ?

A plugin can be great !


2021-08-25 16:06

reporter   ~66141

Last edited: 2021-11-02 10:13

I have never seen this kind on internationalized email in use. And what's worse, it seems to break some MS email servers badly.


2021-08-25 18:06

developer   ~66142

Last edited: 2021-11-02 10:13

> break some MS email

:D \o/ ;)


2021-08-25 18:08

reporter   ~66143

Last edited: 2021-11-02 10:13

True, I would blame MS too. But in reality we just can't ignore MS, as it is currently so widely used.


2021-08-25 21:26

administrator   ~66144

Last edited: 2021-11-02 10:13

PHPMailer supports IDN but not EAI, so we might want to at least force the local part to be ASCII only


2021-12-27 16:39

manager   ~67863

Last edited: 2021-12-27 17:55

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When loading a token by the add participant option, the HTML5 validation is run and doesn't allow to add emails with "non-ascii characters". That's Chrome.

Still, going further, the previous code uses the idna_convert class to convert from unicode to punycode during validation. That created two problems:

- Conversion was applied to the entire address, not just the domain. That is why unicode characters were being accepted on the local part of the address, which is not supposed to be accepted.
-The idna_convert class does the conversion always, while PHPMailer requires the intl extension to be installed to support IDN addresses. Therefore, some addresses could be accepted which later PHPMailer was not going to be able to handle.

This fix leaves out the idna_convert class (does it have to be removed?) And uses PHPMailer's punyencodeAddress () method, for better consistency.


2021-12-28 11:53

reporter   ~67864

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