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17296Feature requestsResponse browsingpublic2021-05-11 18:35
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Summary17296: Add a new "completion "Partial"" filter to view the partially-filled responses which are billed as 0.5
DescriptionA copy of my messages to tech support:

==> 1) Limesurvey account overview shows that my mike_banon "Used responses: 22.5" (how this even could end with .5 ?). But on my only public survey's (ID 274886) Responses page - I enable the "completed" filter, and see that only 11 responses have been submitted, and all the other ~300 are empty (from the people who just opened a link but didn't write anything). And I don't have any other active public surveys and this balance couldn't have been spent elsewhere. So it's showing that I spent 22.5 of my 25 survey balance, instead of 11, must be a mistake. Please fix before I run out of responses, especially since this survey is done for the benefit of opensource community.

==> 2) In reply to > A survey is taken and only half completed => 0.5 response

If not a bug, I could only think of this variant - but I haven't seen such responses yet. And don't know if there's a way to find such responses without clicking all 300+ marked as X completed, because there are only three options for a search filter regarding the completion: yes, no, any

==> 3) In reply to > All marked as completion "No" are not completed and are marked as half response.

I think, if all the survey fields are empty (in example, a person opened a survey link and closed it without doing anything) - then a LimeSurvey doesn't use a 0.5 balance for this response. Otherwise my 25 monthly balance would have been long spent by these 469 partial responses.

So, maybe a LimeSurvey uses 0.5 balance only if a person wrote at least something in his partial response. But how to find such partial responses? If I use this "completion "No"" filter, I see all ~400 partial responses. And I don't know how to find the partial responses where a person wrote at least something, without opening all 400 responses in a new tab and looking manually.

Please, could you suggest how to find such partial responses with some reply? If right now there is no way,

Feature request: please consider adding a new "completion "Partial"" filter to a LimeSurvey
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2021-05-11 18:35


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