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17218Bug reportsPluginspublic2021-04-01 08:43
Reportermlnorth Assigned Toc_schmitz  
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Product Version4.4.15 
Summary17218: Path to plugins directory maybe wrong?
DescriptionI had to to do a symbolic link to /limesurvey/application/core/plugins/* in /limesurvey/plugins so that plugins could be found.
Error messages was for example: "Missing configuration file for plugin AuditLog"
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Bug heat8
Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)4.4.15+210329
I will donate to the project if issue is resolvedNo
Database & DB-Version10.3.25-MariaDB-0ubuntu0.20.04.1
Server OS (if known)Ubuntu 20.04
Webserver software & version (if known)nginx/1.18.0
PHP Version7.4.16

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2021-03-31 14:37

developer   ~63744

Please : don't explain what you do ,to fix issue,
Explain what you do to find the issue

You try to activate AuditLog ?

I check : it seems to work on last master, no need symbolic link.


2021-03-31 15:19

reporter   ~63751

It was all the plugins in /limesurvey/application/core/plugins/. I debugged myself and in application/models/Plugin.php I saw the path to the configuration files for plugins was pointing to /limesurvey/plugins/... So I did this adhoc solution with symbolic link and it started to work.


2021-03-31 15:36

reporter   ~63752

After a manually upgrade of Limesurvey, according to these instructions, I wanted to change settings in a plugin AuthLdap, therefore I went to Global Settings -> Plugin Manager and encountered immediately error message "Missing configuration for plugin AuditLog". As I understand AuditLog is on top of the plugin list.


2021-03-31 15:37

developer   ~63753

OK :)

Upgrade from what version ?


2021-03-31 15:43

reporter   ~63754

I don't quite remember now. But it was around 4.3 I think. I upgraded because I encountered a similiar problem when I was going to change settings for AuthLdap. I went to Global Settings->Plugin Manager and got the plugin list accordingly. But as soon as I pressed AuthLdap plugin the error message was "Missing configuration for plugin AuthLdap". Then I thought maybe I should upgrade to see if it works better and on that road it was.


2021-03-31 16:25

developer   ~63760

For information :
type of plugin set the directory :

update steps are

AuthDB and AuditLog must be «core»


2021-03-31 17:00

reporter   ~63762

In mysql database the table lime_plugins shows type "core" for AuthDB and AuditLog and "user" for AuthLdap. But when I debugged the directory for all these plugins was pointed to /limesurvey/plugins.


2021-04-01 07:59

administrator   ~63769

I checked the upgrade from the last 4.3 to latest 4.x version and I could not reproduce the problem.
Did you maybe use a 4.4RC version in the past?


2021-04-01 08:24

developer   ~63772

> In mysql database the table lime_plugins shows type "core" for AuthDB and AuditLog and "user" for AuthLdap. But when I debugged the directory for all these plugins was pointed to /limesurvey/plugins.

Maybe related to a specific directory configuration ?

Dir set here :


2021-04-01 08:25

developer   ~63773

> "user" for AuthLdap

It must be core


2021-04-01 08:38

reporter   ~63774

In Plugin.php in function getDir() the following happens:
$alias is set to "webroot.plugins" and $this->plugin_type is "user" for plugin AuditLog. In mysql database the plugin_type is "core" for AuditLog. So the plugin_type is set to wrong type. I haven't yet checked how the plugin_type is set. But probably there is the error.
As I said I followed the instructions for manual upgrade and removed all files except for

The version before was something 4.3 as I remember I upgraded limesurvey last year in June.
The error only appears in PluginManager, otherwise Limesurvey works fine.


2021-04-01 08:43

reporter   ~63775

I can also see when I list the plugins in that AuditLog and AuthLdap is marked with correct plugin_type core. But despite of that in Plugin.php plugin_type is "user" fro all plugins.

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