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16734Feature requestsSurvey editingpublic2020-10-14 08:42
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Summary16734: mandatory default N and same_default default 1
DescriptionI think
mandatory default Y and same_default default 0
More in line with modification habits
What do you think?
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2020-10-13 10:02

developer   ~60164

? What is the question ?

Mandatory (for question) is already default to OFF in 3.X


2020-10-13 10:25

reporter   ~60165

When the operator edits questions, most of the mandatory questions need to be turned on. Save as default values option default set 1 will affect the correctness of editing questions, every time need to check the advanced options and submit


2020-10-13 10:44

developer   ~60166

I see your pull request : you can not update default like this.

This is not work :
- Update any short text question
- Set mandatiry ON and set as default value ON
- Save
- Add another short text : check what happen

PS : i think default value must come from
- SurveyGroup
- Global Settings
- Core

But we need to leave default value for new question like 3.X


2020-10-13 11:09

reporter   ~60167

Then where can i create question mandatiry default is ON and set as default value default is ON ?4.x


2020-10-13 11:38

developer   ~60168

I think you can set as default for each question via GUI ?

My opinion : set as default settings must be available only for super administrator ? I don't know how it work currently.


2020-10-13 11:54

reporter   ~60170

I need to create a large number of questions every day, and each question is mandatory to answer. The default is OFF, which will increase my working time. I need to open it every time.


2020-10-13 12:14

developer   ~60171

Yes, i understand your issue :)

But i think _Save as default values _ was already done for this.

If it can/must be improved : great. But it's not because you need mandatory = Y than all people want it ;)


2020-10-14 03:59

reporter   ~60186

i think save as default values option is special feature.
Turn on only when needed.
When most of the question are created, it will be troublesome to read the default value saved last time. Will it be better when I need to save the default value and turn it on again?


2020-10-14 08:30

developer   ~60188

Right : seem Save as default stay checked … i think too it's an issue


2020-10-14 08:39

reporter   ~60189

I alter pull request , Save as default values option default set 0 ?


2020-10-14 08:42

developer   ~60190

@cdorin : any advice about this issue / and feature ?

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