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16664Feature requestsOtherpublic2020-09-11 16:44
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Summary16664: Using default answer on list types creates loops filling the Database
DescriptionWe had 3 questions of type list (radio) using default answers.

Even though the survey wasn't active yet they flooded the SQL DB with hundred thousands of entries (see entry style in screenshot).

We eventually used short free texts for our default answers which works just fine - it's just that we didn't know why the DB was flooded and why our LS installation was horribly slow in the first place.
Additional InformationOccured on LS Version 4.3.15+200907
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2020-09-11 16:44


LS_DB_table_defaultvalues.png (57,375 bytes)   
LS_DB_table_defaultvalues.png (57,375 bytes)   

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