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16613Bug reportsPluginspublic2021-03-19 10:33
ReporterDietrich Streifert Assigned ToLimeBot  
Status feedbackResolutionopen 
Product Version4.3.10 
Summary16613: plugin manager ommits installation of files in path upload/plugins/limeMpdf/views/subview/svg when installing limeMpdf
DescriptionI've installed the limeMpdf plugin from and used the test links offered in Plugin Manager present for the limeMpdf plugins settings tab.

The tests do not work because files contained in the Installation zip file are not copied over in the target path upload/plugins/limeMpdf/views/subview/svg

Manually installing those files from the zip resolved the problem.
Steps To ReproduceDownload the limeMpdf plugin installation file from
Install it with the LimeSurvey Plugin manager found under "Configuration" -> "Settings" -> "Plugin manager" and there the button "Install ZIP".
After installation find the plugin "llimePDF" in the plugin list and click on that line to open the "Settings" tab of the plugin.
Click on one of the displayed demonstration links
See the error message "Server Error 500"
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Bug heat12
Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)Version 4.3.10+200812
I will donate to the project if issue is resolvedNo
Database type & versionirrelevant
Server OS (if known)
Webserver software & version (if known)
PHP Version7.3

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Dietrich Streifert

Dietrich Streifert

2020-08-24 12:50

reporter   ~59587

See issue SondagesPro issue


2020-09-10 11:18

administrator   ~59767

Hi ,

In LS4 Uploading SVG Files are restricted for security reasons .They files will be deleted after unzip. So the Plugin developper should replace the svg files (Even if the are integrated in a twig file) with png or jpeg files. But you have the possibility to upload it manually (At your own risk) to your own host.


2020-09-15 16:42

developer   ~59829

Last edited: 2020-09-15 16:43

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@eddylackmann : it's Plugins upload, not template upload …

plugins upload alrteady allow PHP files …

And here : it's twig file with svg content …


2020-09-15 16:43

developer   ~59830

I check : but bthhink rename .svg.twig to _svg.twig can work …


2020-09-17 16:07

developer   ~59862

@eddylackmann : i confirm : same file renamed with .svg.twig : it's OK.

1. Any file with `.svg` inside : deleted : this is a bad control …
2. You can not allow php file but disallow svg


2020-09-17 16:10

developer   ~59863

> In LS4 Uploading SVG Files are restricted for security reasons .

You can not allow PHP (and js) file but not svg

> They files will be deleted after unzip.

It's false here : any file contain `.svg` in name seems deleted (i can create a sample plugin)

> But you have the possibility to upload it manually (At your own risk) to your own host.

We already show an alert about plugin : plugin contain **PHP** file . More risk than a XSS here …


2020-09-17 17:03

developer   ~59864 (1,571 bytes)


2020-09-17 17:04

developer   ~59865

    public function beforeActivate()
        $checkFile = is_file("checkexist.svg.txt");
        if(!$checkFile) {
            $this->getEvent()->set("message","The file didn't exist");


2020-12-07 10:25

partner   ~60846

I the core problem related to the SVG or to the path settings? Because when uploading from a ZIP file the files get into a different folder /limesurvey/upload/... compared to uploading manually to /limesurvey/plugins which is the old, default plugin path e.g. at LS3.x.
It was mentioned that manually installing the plugin did the trick for the user so maybe it's the path problem?


2020-12-07 11:45

administrator   ~60856

@mazi in LS4 the new publing path is located at /limesurvey/upload/plugings/ it can be the problem if you hardcoded the path in your code.


2020-12-07 14:30

developer   ~60857

Something i use a lot , in init
`Yii::setPathOfAlias(get_class($this), dirname(__FILE__));`



2020-12-07 17:35

administrator   ~60858

@DenisChenu yes i start to use it also ;) ! Thanx for the tip ;)


2021-03-19 09:53

administrator   ~63454

The status on this issue is not clear to me.
Is this now a problem of a hard coded path in the plugin or a problemin LimeSurvey?


2021-03-19 10:33

developer   ~63463

> Is this now a problem of a hard coded path in the plugin or a problemin LimeSurvey?

«plugin manager ommits installation of files in path upload/plugins/limeMpdf/views/subview/svg»

svg file was deleted when use upload plugins system in 4.X

Since plugin have php file : no reason to disable svg or any other file.
Like when we allo js file : no reason to disable svg.

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