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16513Bug reportsSurvey editingpublic2020-08-05 16:33
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Product Version4.2.1 
Summary16513: Quick add / Quick edit function and semicolons

Quick add / Quick edit didn't work properly with semicolons.
1) if text contain both tabulation and semicolon limesurvey will use semicolon by default instead of 1st found delimete and ignoring manualy set option. If I enter the text manually, and not paste, then this problem does not happen
2) if i change delimiter from semicolon (auto set) to Tab limesurvey will screw up the inserted text by replacing semicolons with the tabs.
3) Limesurvey delete all text after second found semicolon.

Steps To Reproduce

Open any array or multiple type question, press Quick add button and try to import this:
A51 Red;brown;white
A52 Paris; Moscow

A52;Paris; Moscow

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2020-07-21 16:05


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example.png (15,712 bytes)   


2020-07-22 14:42

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Tested the issue in the latest version(4.3.5). Was able to replicate the issue successfully. Please refer the attachment for more details.



2020-07-22 15:14

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16513_QuickAdd.png (20,550 bytes)   

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