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16497Feature requestsSurvey editingpublic2020-07-14 12:26
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Summary16497: Setting "Array filter"/"Array filter exclusive2 option: Show available questions as multi-select dropdown
DescriptionTo improve the UI I suggest do improve how question codes for the "Array filter"/"Array filter exclusive" option feature get added. Currently this is a free text field. Any typo when entering the question code of the related question leads to problems.
Instead, let's make it a simple dropdown. That allows searching and picking a predefined item. We can limit the available options to the questions codes of all previous questions. That way the user can pick the relevant option from a predefined list.
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2020-07-14 10:18

partner   ~58935

@DenisChenu, what do you think?

@cdorin, can this be added at a future 4.x version?


2020-07-14 12:24

developer   ~58942

For QuestionTheme …


2020-07-14 12:26

developer   ~58943

Oh … didn't read sorry : you mean at Advanced settings ?

Unsure … have a way to choose can be great, but to be allowed to update it manually too

But all HTML of adv. settings need to be extendable … (for example : adding SubQuestion code and settings, json etc …)

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