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16390Feature requestsRemoteControlpublic2020-06-16 19:19
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Summary16390: Allow filtering when export reponse

When using API for export reponse : we can

  1. Export all
  2. export from /to
    3; export by tokens

But in general : we need conditionnal export

Additional Information

Plugin ready :

Easy to adapt :

        $aSFilters = array();
        if(!empty($aFilters)) {
            foreach($aFilters as $column => $value) {
                if(in_array($column,$aFields)) {
                    if(is_array($value)) {
                        $quotedvalues = array_map(
                            function($val) {
                                return Yii::app()->getDb()->quoteValue($val);
                        $aSFilters[] = Yii::app()->getDb()->quoteColumnName($column)." IN (".implode(",",$values).")";
                    } else {
                        $aSFilters[] = Yii::app()->getDb()->quoteColumnName($column)." LIKE ".Yii::app()->getDb()->quoteValue($value);

$sTempFile = $oExport->exportResponses($iSurveyID, $sLanguageCode, $sDocumentType, $oFormattingOptions, $aSFilters);

But i don't want to take time to create a test :D

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related to 15999 closedollehar Extend RemoControl function list_participants to allow basic conditions 

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