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Summary16373: Bootstrap Buttons not aligned when filtered

Hi, I'm attaching a sample exercise, with two multiple choice questions (Q1 and Q2). The idea is to filter Q2 in order to show only the options checked in Q1. But the tricky part is that Q2 must be shown as bootstrap buttons. The button alignment doesn't work well. It shows correctly the options checked in Q1 (that works fine), but instead of showing all options together, there are blank spaces in the area that the options not checked in Q1 would be (if they were checked). I tried to do it with several themes just in case it was a theme-related issue, with the result is the same regardless. In the attached screenshots it can be seen the results of selecting a series of options in Q1 (Q1.jpg), and how it shows in Q2 (Q2.jpg). Also, I'm attaching the lss with both questions. A couple years ago, this used to work fine, but now it's not. Many thanks in advance!

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2020-06-09 15:24


Q1.JPG (31,079 bytes)   
Q1.JPG (31,079 bytes)   
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Q2.JPG (26,566 bytes)   


2020-07-06 14:26

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Tested issue exist in the latest versions as well

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