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16244Feature requestsSurvey takingpublic2020-05-07 22:50
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Summary16244: Allow for customizing message after "Exit and clear survey" on each survey
DescriptionThere is no way to customize the message that appears on screen when participants click "Exit and clear survey" link.

Since each survey owner may want to offer different options after the "Exit and clear survey" link is clicked, I don't think this should hardcoded in the survey theme (that may be being used by several surveys).

Example of actions that survey owners may want to offer:
- Participate in a draw
- Give feedback
- Go to the next survey
- Receive a summary of the survey results
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2020-05-07 22:50

reporter   ~57622

I think this could be another text field in the "Text elements" section. Maybe something like "Exit survey message".

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