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16230Bug reportsExpression Managerpublic2022-01-14 19:34
ReporterDenisChenu Assigned ToDenisChenu  
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Product Version4.2.2 
Summary16230: Reload survey (token answer persistence) don't really reload …
DescriptionWhen using Equation to set question (if empty) :
This work when we are inside survey, but when reload survey (with token answer persistence) : data is resetted
Steps To ReproduceImport included survey,
Test a token link with newtest
Entre something other than 'prefilled'
Move next save
Quit browser
Open bronser and test again

See screencast
Additional Information2.6lts and 3.22 have the same issue.

Then : muts not "fix" for 4, but must document it ?
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Bug heat6
Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)4.2.2 github
I will donate to the project if issue is resolvedNo
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PHP Version7

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2020-05-05 17:06


Peek 05-05-2020 17-05.gif (357,662 bytes)


2020-06-29 13:21

developer   ~58540

Related to relevanceStatus : …


2021-06-23 08:52

developer   ~65002

Last edited: 2021-07-08 12:18

Partial fix (muts be improved)


Then maybe a better solution are :

- create a maxpage column in database : have lastpage + maxpage
- when reload : LimeExpressionManager::JumpTo($maxpage, false, false, true); + LimeExpressionManager::JumpTo($lastpage, false, false, true);


2021-07-08 12:13

administrator   ~65259

Last edited: 2021-07-08 12:18

@DenisChenu will you like to create a pull request with the partial fix? I will create a task for the better solution you have mentioned and it will be picked up at a later stage


2021-07-19 09:29

developer   ~65505

By Partial fix : it's usage of the whole plugin … and clearly : this one is here for a lot of other things ;)


2021-09-20 15:05

manager   ~66528

We have been reviewing this and trying to reproduce it.
We could :)

### Here are some thoughts.

1) The response is completeley loaded from the database, that is, it is loaded with the data that had been previously completed.

2) When you advance to the first page (the one with the formula with the assignment) the expression is processed, which in this case is: DataSet = if (is_empty (DataSet.NAOK), 'prefilled', DataSet.NAOK)

DataSet.NAOK only returns the value it raised from the database if DataSet.relevanceStatus == true.

At that moment, relevanceStatus for DataSet is false, because that question has not been processed yet, so its relevanceStatus cannot be known.

When starting a survey and uploading the questions, it is very difficult to know the relevance status it had at the end of the previous upload since those are calculated on the fly. That makes .NAOK accessors to return always empty.

3) If the assignment is done on the same page it works, as relevanceStatus becomes true.

### Suggested actions:

- Generate new attribute ".raw" to use on EM. No dependance on relevance status.

- If the assignment needs to use .NAOK (or similar), and that requires relevanceStatus to be already calculated, does the assignment really works for setting default values?

So far, I believe it does only if equation is set on the same page as in the question to be defaulted (and view mode is not question by question). So, either
a) I believe we should remove the "forward-assignment" part from the manual (set default value) or
b) Ammend the manual to reflect so.


2021-09-20 15:28

developer   ~66531

> a) I believe we should remove the "forward-assignment" part from the manual (set default value) or

? I really don't see how some existing survey can not work without …

Again : We already have a lot of issue with maxtstep !== real max step

Why not
- create a maxpage column in database : have lastpage + maxpage
- when reload : LimeExpressionManager::JumpTo($maxpage, false, false, true); + LimeExpressionManager::JumpTo($lastpage, false, false, true);


2021-09-20 23:50

manager   ~66547

Last edited: 2021-09-20 23:51

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> Why not
> - create a maxpage column in database : have lastpage + maxpage
> - when reload : LimeExpressionManager::JumpTo($maxpage, false, false, true); + LimeExpressionManager::JumpTo($lastpage, false, false, true);

I feel more comfortable adding .raw then updating the rendering process.
Still, I understand your point.

Just thkinking outloud, wouldn't it be just enough with:
LimeExpressionManager::JumpTo($lastpage, false, false, true); two times?
First one will be usefull for setting relevance.
Second one will be usefull for overwritting any values miss set on first pass.


2021-09-21 08:30

developer   ~66549

> LimeExpressionManager::JumpTo($lastpage, false, false, true); two times?

No the point is : when reloading you are never sure lastpage in response table are the max page.

Then you need to save :
- lastpage : the current page seen
- maxpage : the max page seen

And you need to move to the maxpage before move to lastpage

See :

It's really used like this and it work.
I try to use a response DB column : but it break

I stop here : i already have the solution, i already answer multiple time on the how to fix the issue.
If someone have this issue : he can contact me for an offer. I'm really tired on the way it work now.


2021-09-21 14:38

manager   ~66572

> And you need to move to the maxpage before move to lastpage
You are right.

Still, that's like a great update.

ping @c_schmitz @ollehar for comments.


2021-10-06 08:12

developer   ~66761

Want to discuss on zoho but seems deleted.


2021-10-06 11:50

administrator   ~66765

@DenisChenu it is not deleted. I added you to task owner and you should be able to comment now.


2021-10-06 12:03

developer   ~66768

OK thanks :)
Seems zoho don't show the good error … … a 403 is really better.


2022-01-05 18:11

developer   ~67930

I split this one in 2 part : one without updating DB

Fixing if user don't use previous , using lastpage only for master. Fix can be apply if OK in 3.X

Fixing if user use previous : adding an survey attribute and coiluln to keep current step (lastpage) and max step (maxpage)


2022-01-05 19:07

developer   ~67931

Sh! i made an error …
Solution didn't work

set relevanceStatus to true by default work …


2022-01-06 08:09

developer   ~67932

Last edited: 2022-01-06 08:11

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@gabrieljenik : sorry, you're right … the only way is to fix the relevanceStatus point on a way or another …

Some idea :
1. set relevanceStatus to 1 by default
2. set relevanceStatus to 1 by default ONLY when come from NAOK or valueNAOK (or all)
3. add a new suffix (rawNAOK ?)
4. set the relevanceStatus of all questions before maxstep before do the jumpTo

2 can be great in my opinion ?
4 can be intereseting

When this is fixed : i fix the maxPage in develop version.

PS : for 2 : update the search here :


2022-01-06 16:19

manager   ~67933

I need to get contexto into this again.
Feels like a big change, specially as is on the EM side.

@ollehar, what do you think?


2022-01-06 16:23

developer   ~67934

Maybe add defaultRelevanceStaus as a public variable too ? Then we can set it when JumpTo after reloading.

I really like to have a clean way to fix it … really allow usage of "Using Assignment Operator"

A lot of forum helper (Jelo, holch …) give this advice : {QCODE=if(is_empty(QCODE.NAOK),"Value",QCODE.NAOK)} on forum …


2022-01-06 16:29

manager   ~67935

I still need to get context.
Still, I am more inclined into adding new functionality as to no brake anything that is already working.


2022-01-11 08:10

developer   ~67947

After a lot of thinking : I really think we need to set relevanceStatus of all variables before the current step

But relevanceStatus is set on ProcessAllNeededRelevance

But this function

1. return if $gseq != $this->currentGroupSeq
2. Seem not called when JumpTo with $force


2022-01-11 08:11

developer   ~67948

Go to each group and StartProcessingGroup ?

In a static function ReloadSurvey ?


2022-01-14 19:34

developer   ~68029

@galads : not done ,but set as done in project :

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