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16060Bug reportsTranslationpublic2020-04-02 18:01
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Summary16060: Text in the "help" paragraph cannot be saved.

When translating a question in a survey there is "help" paragraph that I want to write something there.
I wrote the text, clicked "set for all languages" and looked at the other languages and then saved.
After that I could not save the text in the "help" paragraph.

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)Version 4.1.12+200324
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2020-03-28 20:12

reporter   ~56828

The question type that will not save is "list dropdown type: i"
I tried to write it in a "multiple choice M" question type and it saved.



2020-03-28 23:37

reporter   ~56829

Now changed a question to "list dropdown type: i" and it also didn't save the question in the other language.
So maybe the severity of this bug is higher.



2020-03-28 23:41

reporter   ~56830

:( I need to wait for a fix in the next version or can I save the translation somehow for now?



2020-03-29 03:48

reporter   ~56831

Off this is exhausting.
So I think I found the problem.
I tried something:
In a question that I have countries to choose from a dropdown, it saved the English countries answer languages.
But if I click another language it will show only the shortcode of the country without the countries name.

  1. I've deleted the other language leaving English as the only one.
  2. Saved the country list in the answers.
  3. added a new language.
  4. Saw the country list in the answers of the new language.
    So I guess it's more difficult to change things after doing them...


2020-04-01 17:22

manager   ~56872

Unfortunately, can't reproduce it locally in LS 4.11.14



2020-04-01 17:31

reporter   ~56873

I think this problem is because I use too much open tabs in my browser.
I've tried to open a new browser with minimum tabs open and many things are OK.
So I guess that was the problem.
Thank you.

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