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16027Bug reportsSurvey editingpublic2020-03-30 20:58
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Summary16027: Quick add acted differently

Just now I made a pase of answers in the "quick add" button.
I have cleared the code of SQ and pasted my answers.
Then pasted one more answer and the system added AO to all of my answered.
That was nice but it was the first time I saw it do that.

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)Version 4.1.8+200302
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2020-03-27 10:48

manager   ~56802


Could you please provide a step-by-step procedure to easily reproduce the issue?

Many thanks for your help!



2020-03-27 17:46

reporter   ~56820

Hmm... Sorry.
Now I see why maybe you cannot see what I've seen, because of step number 3.

  1. "Configuration => Themes"
  2. Vanilla "Extend"
  3. previewed my "anonymous" survey and didn't see the warning that I've seen when using the "bootswatch"
  4. Clicked


2020-03-27 17:47

reporter   ~56821

"4.Clicked" was not relevant, cannot delete it.

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