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15892Bug reportsDocumentationpublic2020-02-21 08:21
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Product Version4.1.5 
Summary15892: List with comment isn't marked as answered if comment is missing

I'm not sure if this is the expected behavior, therefore I'm putting it into Documentation. When choosing from a List with comment (type O) Question without filling the comment field, the corresponding survey page's indexItem.coreClass still includes the index-item-unanswered class.

If this is how it's supposed to be, please document the intended behaviour in

If not, this bug should be moved to another category.

Relevant files (I couldn't grasp the logic, though, especially in the LimeExpressionManager singleton):

  • application/helpers/questionIndexHelper.php, line 148
  • application/helpers/expressions/em_manager_helper.php, possibly around line 6650?? (sidenote: this file is so huge that it apparently doesn't get indexed by the Github search, which makes debugging quite arduous)
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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)4.1.5+200217
I will donate to the project if issue is resolvedNo
Database & DB-VersionPostgres 11.5
Server OS (if known)
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PHP Version7.3.14




2020-02-19 08:06

developer   ~56081

A sample survey (lss file) please ?

And about «marked as answered» you mean by class name ? Class name where (screenshot can be cool).



2020-02-19 10:34

reporter   ~56087

Thanks for your response! Here's a minimal example, using the vanilla template. After answering Question 1 without typing a comment, Group 1 is still marked as unanswered.

I'm not sure if I understand your second question correctly. Please let me know if you need anything further.



2020-02-20 17:01

reporter   ~56109

Also, I got feedback from a customer today that this behavior actually confuses their customers. IMO, the question should be considered as answered if an option was chosen and the comment field left empty.



2020-02-20 17:25

developer   ~56111

Ah OK : with index ...

We have same «issue» with any question in fact ...

For example Multiple non mandatory text : you fill all, index-item-unanswered too ... I don't think we can «fix» it and work in all situation.



2020-02-20 18:32

reporter   ~56116

True that. I think it should be consistent with what's considered valid for mandatory questions, though. If a mandatory question is considered as answered (i.e., the survey can be submitted), the visual presentation should indicate exactly that. At the moment it seems there are two different logics for validating mandatory questions and the presentation – or am I mistaken here?



2020-02-21 08:21

developer   ~56127

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About mandatory : my opinion : if the group have error : must be shown as invalid.

At the moment it seems there are two different logics for validating mandatory questions and the presentation – or am I mistaken here?

Didn't know

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