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15884Bug reportsSurvey takingpublic2020-02-19 10:22
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Summary15884: If Equation Question is hidden, it should not be included in Question count

According to the Limesurvey - DenisChenu answer - until 2.73 a hidden equation question did not contribute to the question count.

This would be great to be able to include survey logic without scaring a user off with a ridiculous number of questions, just because there are a lot of formulae.

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I am on the current Limesurvey Version (hosted by Limesurvey)

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2020-02-18 14:50

developer   ~56074

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I find that equation and text-display questions are not included in the count regardless of whether they are hidden via question settings - so far, so good.

However, other questions (like list-radio) are always included in the count, even when hidden via question setting. I think this should not be the case.

See attached screenshots and .lss file.

LS version 4.1.5

capture_3.png (13,441 bytes)   
capture_3.png (13,441 bytes)   
capture_2.png (8,606 bytes)   
capture_2.png (8,606 bytes)   


2020-02-19 10:22

partner   ~56082

I agree that text display and equation questions should not be counted any way. Because this leads to the mentioned problem that a user who actually answered all "real" questions may see the progress bar at 70% only because of several follow up hidden equation questions used for some calculations.

In addition, questions hidden by the related question attribute shoul also not be counted.

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