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15646Feature requestsMenu systempublic2019-12-06 10:54
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Summary15646: Missing CSS classes/IDs at admin interface

Now that we can more easily create custom admin interfaces at LS 3, user often request to hide certain details like the "fax to" field which is rarely used. Thing is, that this affects several different screens:
a) creating surveys
b) editing survey settings
c) survey overview

Theoretically it would be easy to add proper CSS for hiding such a field but there are no CSS classes IDs assigned to most of the elements at the amdin interface and when using something like ...nth-child(x) as a notiation to grab the proper object, this can easily have unforessen sie effects at other screens.

So can we please add additional classes/IDs to the common survey setting elements?

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2019-12-05 21:29

partner   ~54960

@cdorin, can you discuss this? There is a growing demand for custom admin themes but we are limited due to the missing classes/IDs.



2019-12-06 10:54

developer   ~54962

Best is not allowing Admin template to replace existing twig file ? And move to twig for a lot of admin GUI ?

I think it's in @LouisGac project , no ?

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