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Summary15635: Add count feature to export responses

Currently if you want to export a small number of responses there is no API way to determine the last response id to use.

Because you cannot assume that record ID's are contiguous you cannot simply add the count to the Record ID.

Being able to specify the number of records to return would be very handy.

Using the API currently stands I can only see two ways to achieve the desired result.

Pick a small number of records to return in a loop until the count is satisfied or use a separate call into the database to determine what the last record id is.

  • The former is slow and cumbersome
  • The latter assumes access to the database and renders the remote control api redundant.
Additional Information

The sql I am currently using to grab 'count' records

"SELECT MAX(id) as maxid FROM (SELECT id FROM {$table} where id >= {$from_id} order by id ASC limit {$count}) ids;";

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