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15620Bug reportsSurvey editingpublic2019-12-02 18:49
ReporterRuif Assigned Tocdorin  
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Product Version3.20.x 
Summary15620: Subquestions not showing in Edit Subquestions panel

Subquestions are not showing in the Edit Subquestions panel on production site. Same for anwers.
The subquestions are there, because they show-up in the question.
The odd thing is that when I export the survey and import it on my local machine everything seems to work OK.

The only important difference I can see is the php version: PHP 7.4 on the production site and php 7.1 on my local machine.

Reverting to php 7.3 solved the problem

Additional Information

I get the following error:

Function get_magic_quotes_gpc() is deprecated


118 parent::init();
119 $this->normalizeRequest();
120 }
122 /*
Normalizes the request data.
124 This method strips off slashes in request data if get_magic_quotes_gpc() returns true.
It also performs CSRF validation if {@link enableCsrfValidation} is true.
126 */
127 protected function normalizeRequest()
128 {
129 // normalize request
130 if(function_exists('get_magic_quotes_gpc') && get_magic_quotes_gpc())
131 {
132 if(isset($_GET))
133 $_GET=$this->stripSlashes($_GET);
134 if(isset($_POST))
135 $_POST=$this->stripSlashes($_POST);
136 if(isset($_REQUEST))
137 $_REQUEST=$this->stripSlashes($_REQUEST);
138 if(isset($_COOKIE))
139 $_COOKIE=$this->stripSlashes($_COOKIE);
140 }
142 if($this->enableCsrfValidation)

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)Versie 3.20.2+191119
I will donate to the project if issue is resolvedNo
BrowserFirefox 70.0.01
Database & DB-Version10.2.21-MariaDB
Server OS (if known)Linux 3.10.0-1062.1.2.el7.x86_64 x86_64
Webserver software & version (if known) Apache
PHP Version7.4




2019-12-02 16:00

developer   ~54902

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Did set debug=0 fix the issue ?

PS :



2019-12-02 17:02

reporter   ~54904

Initially (when the subquestions did not show) I had debug=0.
The error message was generated with debug=2.



2019-12-02 17:17

reporter   ~54908

Eventually I reverted to php 7.3, which sloved the issue

I don't understand this: if(function_exists('get_magic_quotes_gpc') && get_magic_quotes_gpc()){}.

If the function get_magic_quotes_gpc() exists, the call to function_exists() doesn't add any thing; if( get_magic_quotes_gpc()){} gives the same result.
If the function get_magic_quotes_gpc() does not exist, there will be a call to an undfined function anyway. So what is the trick?
In my view, If the aim is to prevent a call to an undefined function it should be something like: if (function_exists('get_magic_quotes_gpc')){if (get_magic_quotes_gpc()){ something... }}



2019-12-02 18:47

developer   ~54910

Initially (when the subquestions did not show) I had debug=0.
The error message was generated with debug=2.

Hope the PHP deprecated don't hide other issue‘s … …



2019-12-02 18:49

developer   ~54911

Else get_magic_quotes_gpc is deprecated since PHP5.4.2 : we don't need it since we are not 5.4.2 compatible :)

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